EUS – Endoscopic Ultrasound
EUS – Endoscopic Ultrasound

Portable ultrasound

Portable ultrasound

Did you receive an ultrasound referral? Medassist allows you to perform an ultrasound at your home, receive decoding from a specialist radiologist within 24 hours and immediately begin treatment!

Nowadays, you no longer need to look for an appointment in all the institutions in your area, travel or worse, move an elderly person, look for parking, wait in line with other sick people in a corridor, wait for decoding… Medassist’s portable ultrasound unit allows you to save the difficulty, logistics and exhausting wait for an appointment, for decoding and especially for the commencement of treatment. Today there is no need to be in pain, to worry and wait. Book a portable Medassist ultrasound examination today, perform the examination comfortably at home and commence treatment immediately without waiting for complications!


Ultrasound at the patient’s home

Ultrasound is a very important examination for diagnosing many diseases. The examination provides the doctor with a good picture of the condition of the internal organs and allows to identify a variety of pathological processes in them, therefore, this is a very common imaging examination and most people perform it several times during their lifetime. The examination is completely safe, since ionizing radiation, as in during an X-ray examination, is not used, and can be performed for any patient, including infants and pregnant women.

How is the examination performed at your home? After coordinating the arrival time with the call center, an ultrasound specialist technician will arrive with a portable ultrasound device, perform the examination at your home and send the results for decoding by a radiologist. And within 24 hours you receive the results with a full and detailed report, including recommendations for further clarification and treatment within a health fund.


Which examinations can be performed at home?

The advanced equipment allows for the performance of a variety of ultrasound examinations at the patient’s home, including: ultrasound of the abdominal, urological, Doppler, soft tissue, blood vessels and more. The examination takes 15-30 minutes.

In your conversation with the call center, regarding the time of the appointment, specify which examination is required, and if necessary, you will receive instructions for preparation for the examination.


Referral for examination

Oftentimes, an ultrasound is performed after a referral by the attending physician. And if you have pain that worries you and there is no appointment for a doctor to give the referral? There is no need to worry! An ultrasound is a single examination that can be performed even without a referral. Are you in any pain? Don’t waste time wondering if this is something serious, and if you’re losing precious minutes that could be used to treat the problem, just call and ask to have an ultrasound! Were the results ok? You’ve earned peace of mind and saved time running to the health fund. Did the radiologist detect something suspicious in the examination? You will arrive to the doctor with the full report and you will be immediately referred for treatment and not for examination.


Examination booking process

The representative at the call center will also be happy to answer any questions related to the examination or procedures. The examination can be performed six days a week, from Sunday to Friday, from 8:00 to 21:00. The technician will contact you 30-60 minutes prior to your arrival, and the results will be sent by email within 24 hours of the examination being performed.


Payment arrangements

The examinations are performed privately, with the participation of private insurance. We would be happy to provide you with full guidance on filing a claim with the insurance company. Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or credit card.

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