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What is PET CT?

PET CT is one of the most effective imaging techniques which are currently available. This imaging technique shows the functions of the organs and tissues in the human body on metabolic level. Combining the advantages of PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computed tomography) provides detailed anatomical information.

This methodology in particular is used in oncology for the identification of tumors to determine the extent of tumor, for radiotherapy planning, to assess the reaction of the patient’s treatment.

At what stage of cancer PET CT is used?

PET CT offers significant advantages in early diagnosis. It gives the opportunity to identify many disorders in the initial phase. In the period before the appearance of PET CT technique, determining whether the lymph nodes are affected by the tumor was performed only by biopsy, and now, with the use of PET CT it is determined with a high rate of accuracy.

In these images, small tumors can be seen up to 5 mm in diameter because the information about the patient’s body are obtained through footage obtained by advanced computer systems.

What to expect after treatment?

Many cancers can be cured if early diagnosis is established and PET CT scan was performed. For example, survival rate in patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage is over 80%.

PET CT plays a significant role in the diagnosis of the tumor as it provides detailed information about the tumor. PET CT enables analysis of metabolism of the tissue that could determine whether the lesion, whose anatomical presence is already determined whether the tumor is malignant or benign.

Do you know?

PET CT detect various types of cancer, cardiac and neurological diseases. With its application it can eliminate the need to use additional tests and diagnostic procedures.
PET CT is safe.
Only one application of PET CT application replaces a number of other trials
PET CT shows all organ systems in just one shot.
PET CT provides early diagnosis of many diseases unlike other methods.
PET CT shows the course of the disease and the response of the body of the treatment.
PET CT provides important information regarding the planning of treatment.

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