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Most often, beyond managing a healthy lifestyle, we have no real way to prevent illness and accidents. But we have a way of preventing the damage these can cause us, and regaining active health and living. Once we have a symptom, the responsibility for our health largely extends to us. Choosing the best doctor who specializes in the specific disease, performing the necessary tests and adhering to the recommended treatment – all are within our control. And the first step, of course, is choosing an expert who can accurately diagnose the problem and adapt it to the best treatment.

Choosing a specialist doctor is not a thing. We usually do not have access to comprehensive information about any physician, and we tend to rely on recommendations. At best, it is the recommendations of friends, at best, the recommendations of accidental people on the Internet. Although the recommendations are extremely important and can help make a first impression about the same doctor, we cannot understand whether another patient’s case was similar to ours or whether our case is much more complex and this doctor’s expertise would not suffice in our case. Is that person really happy with the quality of care or just fascinated by the doctor’s personality?

In order to objectively choose the specialist to treat our problem, we need to gather a great deal of information: What is the doctor’s specialty? What experience has he gained in this area of ​​specialization? Where did the doctor study and what courses did he attend? Where does the doctor work and what is the place for informal consulting of specialist doctors in the country? This study is simply not in a state of illness, mental stress and time pressure. The best solution, of course, is to consult specialists who are the essence of their work: to appoint the best physician for each patient, from the leading physicians, renowned in Israel and around the world, and to make an appointment as soon as possible. Because it is clear to all of us that even the best treatment is not worth much if you arrive very late. And this is exactly the specialty of the Medical Assistance team that directs clients to top-notch physicians and also makes sure they fit in quickly and efficiently.


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