MRI – Thorax examination
MRI – Thorax examination


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What is PET CT PSMA?

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, especially in men over the age of 50. But this cancer has a certain uniqueness that allowed the development of an examination for early detection of this cancer. Researchers found that a certain protein called PSMA which is strongly expressed, if found inside the prostate cancer cell, and the expression of which can be found by injecting radioactive material that attaches to the protein in the prostate cancer cell and its metastasis. A PET-CT PSMA examination allows to find the smallest centers of prostate cancer cells which are not yet found by any other imaging examination.

Course of the examination

The examination is very similar to any PET-CT examination, both in terms of preparation and performance. But it is important to take into account that for the purpose of examination test, the patient is injected with a different substance, and its effect fades quickly, so it is very important to adhere to the prescribed examination schedule. 45 minutes prior to the examination itself, the patient is injected with a radioactive material. He rests and waits for the material to spread in the body. 45 minutes later, the patient is placed in a 20-minute examination. The examination is performed with the patient lying on the special bed that moves within the imaging device. The device is not closed, but people suffering from claustrophobia should notify the attending physician. They may be advised to take a tranquilizer prior to the examination. Of course, as with all other examination of this type, all metal items are to be removed from the body.


Remember, prostate cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer mortality in men in Israel. Every day you wait for the examination and commencement of treatment, you give grant points to the disease. Don’t let it win! Call Medical Assistance today and perform a PET-CT PSMA examination within the next 24-72 hours!

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