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X-Ray – Introduction

X-rays are form of electromagnetic radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum. The X-rays are ionized because of the high energy use in radiology (for medical purposes), as well as in crystallography to determine the structure of crystals.

X-rays are representing the ionizing radiation, which means that those rays are electromagnetic active and have charge. Because of its high energy, X-rays are very penetrating and at higher doses can damage tissues.

Production of the X-rays

The X-ray radiation occurs when electrons with high speed will crash into the metal, where it comes to their abrupt slowdown and phasing out the internal electron shells of atoms of the metal. With their slowdown, they will create a continuous spectrum of so-called locked radiation, and with filling the places of where were the electrons ejected, the spectral lines will be formed.

Risks and Protection

X-rays that are used for diagnostic purposes in medicine, primarily among the CT scans at higher doses increase the risk of developing cancer in people who are exposed to long term.

Medical uses

The use of the X-rays are almost everywhere.

With the X-rays you can generate an image of the cardiovascular system (including the veins and arteries).

The dental radiography also uses the X-rays for diagnosing common oral problems.

They can be used to detect pathology such as gallstones or kidney stones.

CT scanning (Computed tomography) is using the X-rays where tomographic images are obtained from a series of 2D X-ray images.

The use of the X-rays as a treatment is also known as radiation therapy and the x-rays are used for treating skin cancers or cancers within the body, such as lung, prostate, brain and breast.

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