What is a Rheumatologyst?

Rheumatology is a medical field dealing with rheumatic diseases by diagnosing them and matching the right therapy and treatment. Many of the diseases are caused by disorders of the immune system.

How can a rheumatologist assist me?

It is a rheumatologist’s duty to treat you with the utmost professionalism and provide you with an accurate diagnosis or opinion regarding your medical situation. At Medassist you’ll find the finest rheumatologists in Israel who will professionally treat you. It is our duty to provide you the best institutions holding all the medical specialties required to perform surgical procedures, biopsies and more.

It seems that you and pain are joint together

Rheumatic disorders are conditions causing chronical and often intermittent pain affecting the joints and connective tissues. If not treated properly it will be something that will stay for a lifetime, causing discomfort.

Most of us will feel pain in our joints especially after sport activities or after exerting our body. It is normal and usually the pain will go away after resting or after a good night sleep. It is when we feel constant pain in our joints that should raise a question for us and send us to see a doctor to understand what is wrong.

If it turns out that we have developed a rheumatic disorder, there is no reason we have to suffer from it for the rest of our lives. Today there are several ways to treat rheumatic disorders and to ease the pain, making life better and even enabling to go on as usual. If you have relocated to Israel and you suffer from rheumatic disorders we can help you.

At Medassist, the leading medical assistant’s service, we are well aware of these things. Therefore, we collaborate with the leading medical institutes in Israel, assisting to create a direct connection to professional health services thought-out the country. Thanks to our experience we can assist facilitate your medical treatment. We give personal attention to each and every person as we walk them through the process with no extra cost. Our services cover all aspects of medical needs, from doctor appointments to medical labs and imaging. Our long history of helping people to improve their lives is the core of our reputation as a provider of high-quality medical treatment in Israel.

We are here for you from the first call and we will be here for you every step along the way to ensure you receive the best possible treatment. Our philosophy of care is to be there when needed above and beyond.

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