Doppler ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound
Doppler ultrasound is an imaging examination that examines blood flow, flow rate and direction. The Doppler examination is capable of detecting serious and life-threatening conditions, so it is very important to perform it immediately when there is a suspicion of blood flow dysfunction in one of the veins or arteries.
Reasons for referral for Doppler ultrasound examination
Suspicion of blood clots in one of the blood vessels in the body
Suspicion of deep vein thrombosis – DVT. Blood clots in these veins cause chronic pain, but worse, they can cause pulmonary embolism, which is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate treatment using blood thinners.
Narrowing or obstruction in the carotid arteries. This examination is performed on the carotid arteries responsible for supplying blood to the brain. Mild narrowing of the arteries causes recurrent fainting and dizziness, but severe obstruction and narrowing, which is usually the result of atherosclerosis, can lead to stroke. Moderate blood flow damage to these arteries requires immediate treatment using drugs, while severe narrowing to obstruction requires surgical intervention to open the obstruction and prevent a stroke.
Narrowing or obstruction of the arteries of the legs, which is manifested in chronic leg pain or pain during exertion.
Blood flow assessment in malignant tumors
Assessment of blood flow without blood prior to bypass surgery or other blood vessels surgery
Assessment of blood flow in the transplanted organ post-surgery
Location of abnormal veins in case of varicose veins
Assessment of blood flow in the placenta, umbilical cord, and fetal brain for pregnant women
Performance of the examination
The examination is performed using an ultrasound device that allows to demonstrate the condition of blood vessels, and measure the rate and direction of blood flow. The examination is non-invasive and does not use ionizing radiation. The examination is not dangerous and is harmless, and can be performed for any patient with any health condition.
Who is the examination recommended for?
The examination is performed with referral by a cardiologist, neurologist, or vascular surgeon. The examination is vital for all people with one of the above suspicions, but for at-risk populations, the examination is considered life-saving: people who have had a previous stroke, people who are in one of the stroke risk-groups (suffering from atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, excess weight and more), people who suffer from deep vein thrombosis and people who are at risk of developing a blood clot, for example, due to prolonged lying down after surgery or due to illness.
Did you receive a referral for a Doppler ultrasound? Don’t risk your health, make sure to contact MEDASSIST representatives and perform the examination within 24-72 hours of referral!

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