Biopsy, General Surgeon
Biopsy, General Surgeon

General Surgeon – Specialist

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What is a General Surgeon?

General surgeons employ a great deal of knowledge and unique skills to perform surgery, whether it’s elective or due to an emergency. Most of the emergencies involve an acute abdominal problem.

About general surgery

General surgery covers a broad range of subspecialties, which includes:

  • surgical conditions of the gastrointestinal tract from the esophagus to the anus
  • pancreas, kidney and liver transplantation
  • severe trauma to the thorax and abdomen
  • certain skin conditions
  • initial evaluation of patients with peripheral vascular disease
  • elective surgery which is a significant part of the work
  • and others

General surgery is in the top 5 largest surgical specialties in the world. The employment rate is about 30% of all medical specialties. Surely, this is a huge surgical specialty with many subspecialties.

Usually, a general surgeon subspecializes in a certain field as well as performs general procedures. The abdomen has various organs which may be causing pain, and because of that, “acute abdominal pain” is the most common emergency, which requires surgery. Additional conditions requiring surgery include hernias, appendicitis and gallstones.

Common interventions

Minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic (a.k.a. “keyhole surgery”) today is widely used by general surgeons. The techniques are also preferred by the patients as there is less scarring, improved outcomes and a shorter recovery time.

Since the 2000’s minimally invasive surgery has been dominating in the operation room. Considerable enthusiasm has built up around robotic surgery, and it is considered to offer significant benefits that justify its cost.

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