Dr. Eda Magen

Dr. Magen, a breast surgery specialist, has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating various conditions of breast cancers and various breast cancer surgeries. Dr. Magen awaits you at our Breast Health Center in order to provide you with the utmost attention you and accompany you throughout the treatment.

Treatments performed by Dr. Magen

Breast examinations
Breast cancer diagnosis
Various surgeries to remove cancerous tumors, including lumpectomy (partial mastectomy).
Intraoperative radiation
Accompanying the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer

Positions and appointments

Senior doctor at the Breast Health Center of Beilinson Hospital
Senior doctor at the Surgical Department of Beilinson Hospital
Senior doctor at Maccabi Healthcare

Professional training and continuous education programs

Graduate of the School of Medicine at DGMU
Surgery residency at Meir Hospital
Intraoperative radiation fellowship in Mannheim, Germany

Memberships in professional unions and organizations

Israel Cancer Association
Breast Disease Association
Other areas of treatment and counseling
Partner in many studies conducted at the Breast Health Center of Beilinson Hospital

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Dr. Eda Magen

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